In Nov 2022, we see ourselves celebrating the 10th year anniversary of Accelerate Freight Services in a great style. Its been a journey filled with successes and learning curves. We want to ensure we celebrate this moment by recognizing all the stakeholders who have played a significant role in this journey.

Ever since we hit a rough in 2014 and decided to turn around the organization AFS has been growing steadily year after year. In 2022 we see ourselves record our Highest number of Jobs and Revenue in 10 years.

We celebrate this moment of joy by organizing a 2 nights staycation at a Beautiful Resort in UAE. During one of these 2 evenings, A Gala Night Dinner and Awards function is held, acknowledging the support and contributions of the following stakeholders:

  • Current team members with their families.
  • Past team members
  • Long standing Suppliers,
  • Clients who have been supporting us for more than 2 years,
  • Overseas Partners who have been supporting us continuously for more than 2 years.
  • Owners and their family members.

We celebrate this, by honoring each of the above stakeholders and acknowledging them for their support. Special recognition and cash awards are given away to our Current team members. The Joy and Pride in their eyes is priceless.

It’s an all-expenses paid trip for our overseas partners. They are all left Awestruck with a feeling of a stronger bonding with AFS. Their reaction is: “for the first time ever, we have seen someone invite and recognize overseas partner to their celebrations. They also benefit by the Networking they could do among themselves.

Our suppliers feel the same and are left awestruck. They say usually companies only invite clients for their celebration. We are left with a feeling of belonging.

Our clients are not only acknowledged and recognized for their support, they also get a great opportunity to network with the other AFS clients and overseas partners and see new doors opening for them.

The Relationships, overall among all stakeholders is stronger and we now look forward to achieving greater heights together in the next decade of existence.


To Establish Best Logistics Provider

In a Fast-Paced environment, Through Speedy, Proactive and Empathetic work culture, at Accelerate Freight Services we provide Freight Forwarding and Logistics Solutions to the Clients that value time and are growth focused, helping them succeed in their commitments and have peace of mind.


Our core values define our work culture

Personal Initiative:

Our team members reflect this by being Pro-Active in every aspect of our dealings. We anticipate what the requirements could come up and what challenges we may face. This allow us to minimize surprises and provide long term gains for our clients. Our communication is also keeping in mind being Pro-Active thus saving a lot of time for ourselves and our clients.

Going the Extra Mile:

Our Personal Initiatives leads us in going the Extra Mile at every possible Opportunity. This is one of the main reasons we have long standing clients who never again think of going elsewhere. Going beyond what is expected is imbibed in the work culture of our organization. Very soon, our clients realize that they are getting more value for their investment.


We realized many years ago that Speed is the name of the game. Time saved for our clients is allowing them the freedom to pursue better things. We reflect Speed by Fast communication, Fast Servicing, Faster Operations and fast Deliveries.


We always Walk a mile in our clients’ shoes. This allows us to empathize with them and understand what exactly is happening in their world. Our Solutions, then are tailor made to suit their requirements and needs rather than pushing what we have. We provide the much-needed hand holding as experts to our clients so that they can focus on growing their business to greater heights.


Our every Action from the very beginning is to Win the Clients Trust. We truly believe that building trust may take time, breaking it could be in no time. Hence our team’s mindset is tuned to maintaining a trustworthy relationship at all times. Going the Extra Mile also makes us highly Trustworthy.

Farming Relationship:

Our organization believes in Long Term Relationships and hence our approach from the start is based on the same. We do not work in a flybythenight style. Our Honest approach and communication with clients have time and again strengthened our relationship. Building a longstanding organization is based on a Farming Culture.

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